6 Ways You Can Prevent Back Pain at Work

Sitting behind a desk all day may be wreaking havoc on your back. What do you do? Instead of suffering, you can make use of the below points. Keep reading.

Position Everything Closely

Look at your workspace. How is everything placed? The pens, notebooks, and everything that you need should be within arm’s reach. You wouldn’t have to stretch which could cause you to strain your back.

Get a Good Office Chair

How comfortable you’d be depending on the office chair you use. Unfortunately for you, your office may have very uncomfortable chairs. Don’t be afraid to ask for a new one.

The one you pick up should have an adjustable height so that you can work at any angle you want. It should also have a deep backrest – when you lean back, there should be 2-4 inches between your calves and the front of the chair.

Lumbar support in the backrest is important; it would encourage the proper positioning of your spine.

The material the chair is made from is super important. It should be soft and padded so that you don’t feel like you’re sitting on a rock all day. Of course, arm-rests are needed too.

Don’t Tilt Your Neck

Along with back pain, neck pain for people who sit behind monitors is very common. A lot of the time, neck pain arises due to how your monitor is placed. Raise or lower it so that it is at eye level – place it in a way so that your gaze naturally falls on the screen. You wouldn’t be leaning too much or tilting your neck.

How close the monitor is to you would influence whether you’d be straining your neck as well. It needs to be at arm’s length. You’d know your laptop is not optimally placed if you’re constantly squinting.

Even if your PC is very close to you, you might still not be able to lean back and relax. You might be leaning forward as your eyesight is poor. Help yourself by increasing the monitor’s brightness.

See a Chiropractor

You may be someone that suffers from muscle imbalances. Seated for hours would be very painful for you. See a chiropractor. The chiropractic clinic you choose is important, as some may make the pain worse. Look for experts in your area.

Watch Your bPosture

Bad posture when seated is horrible for your neck and back. It could even cause chronic problems.

Make sure that your head and neck are aligned to your shoulders and have your spine fully against your chair’s backrest. What would also help would be having your feet flat on the ground, with your knees at a 90 degrees angle.

To sum everything up, there is a lot that you can do to keep back pain at work at bay. The best tip would be to get a comfortable office chair. It should have lumbar support and padded armrests. Ensure that your posture when seated is also proper. And see a chiropractor if you feel that your muscles are too tense.

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