Barriers in Careers: Seeking Support

Career related support and advice are things everyone needs to get, irrespective of whether or not they have problems. Nevertheless, here are some of the main areas a career counsellor will help you work and improve on.


It is normal to be confused where career is concerned. You are not the only one struggling with confused thoughts and feelings as you’re about to embark on a career journey. However, this isn’t the only time you might feel so. Confusion can hit you at any point, even midway. You might find career counselling extremely beneficial in any of these cases.

Sometimes, the confusion could be just a momentary thing that occurs owing to the excitement, work/study pressure or so. It does not matter what you are confused about. A little help and reassurance from the right people might be just what you need to get back on track.


A lot of people have issues building confidence about their plans ahead. It is quite a common thing that those with big plans and dreams often have to deal with. It is also one of the major things that gets in the way of success, and deprives people of the greatest things in life.

Expert counsellors will address the issue and help resolve such issues. It’s the duty of a counsellor to help you get rid of every obstacle that stands in your way as you move towards a goal. In fact, building confidence is one of the key areas the experts would focus on where careers and jobs are concerned.

Fear and Anxiety

It isn’t surprising to have fear, worry, and anxiety where careers are concerned. Whether it’s about higher education or work, it is completely normal to have such feelings and emotions grip you at times. There could be a lot of things you fear or are anxious about, depending on the stage you are at in your career and the type of field you pursue.

It can be quite hard dealing with such emotions, and just like every other issue, this could be one that hinders your career and your life in so many ways. Getting counselled for such issues certainly will help you a great deal, and you surely would be thankful you did.


A career is a journey with loads of ups, downs, twists and turns. This means you will need to constantly adjust to changing situations. Many struggles with the inability to adjust, and again, is certainly not uncommon. Each person is different, and so are their capacities and abilities both physically and internally.

If you think you have issues adjusting, you need to stop worrying and speak to experts who will offer you support in dealing with overcoming the problem. Keep in mind that these are things everyone feels and goes through and there’s always support that you can reach out to without a problem.

General Advice

You don’t necessarily have to be struggling with problems like the above to be eligible for counselling. Experts give you general advice too, that might be super beneficial as you embark on a journey, and along the way. If you feel confident and motivated already, some good advice will work as the extra boost and reassurance.


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