Commercial Cleaning – A Much Specialised Activity

Specialised cleaning contractors are experts in a variety of cleaning activities – domestic cleaning, school cleaning, flood restoration, cleaning of commercial premises, carpet cleaning and builders cleaning amongst others. While all such activities require a high degree of professional expertise, nowhere is it more needed in commercial and office cleaning.

The reason for this is actually quite simple. There are many aspects which can be categorised as commercial activity and all of them have specific cleaning needs. For example, cleaning an office will be vastly different from cleaning a restaurant, a factory or auto workshop. Hence, a great degree of specialisation and skill is required from the cleaners to do full justice to commercial cleaning jobs. An example will help illustrate this point better. External windows and glass has to be cleaned at periodical intervals in commercial premises. It requires the company to have licence and statutory permission to work at heights and the cleaners must be so trained. This proficiency is not required for say, residential cleaning.

Even though there is a difference in the setup of various types of commercial premises, there are certain standard factors that all top of the line cleaning contractors should have.

First, the cleaners should come in and finish their cleaning job before employees arrive for work so that office routine is not disrupted in any manner. If the office or factory has shift timings, cleaning must be so planned out, even if it means sets of cleaners having to come in at odd hours to match shift timings.

The next is the all important matter of safety and security. All commercial blocks have to maintain high security levels as costly equipment and papers will be on the desks when the cleaners start their work. Hence it is necessary that they are reliable and can be fully trusted. Top contractors are fully insured, licensed and bonded and all their cleaners have antecedents checked by the police before being hired. This is an assurance that the strangers that walk into your office every day are dependable. Such high levels of security are not required for cleaning of other sectors like homes and schools.

A lot of importance is given to the cleaning solutions used by the agencies. With an increasing awareness of the harmful effects of toxic and conventional cleaning products, more and more companies are today insisting that cleaners use safe, green and non toxic cleaning solutions that do not contain harmful chemicals. This is to make sure that the health of the employees is not adversely affected through inhaling toxic fumes in the environment from cleaning products.

Due to all these factors, choosing an agency that specialises in cleaning of commercial premises is not easy. A lot of research on their work experience should be undertaken before selecting one for your office. Make sure that what you need matches precisely what they have to offer.


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