Essential Plumbing Services for Restaurants and Other Food Businesses

Good water supply and proper drainage are important for every restaurant and other food businesses. Aside from their purpose in hygienic food preparation, these features are also needed to keep the establishment clean and provide the hygiene needs of customers as they enter the store. 

Your plumbing needs mainly depend on the type of food business that you have. Some need specific plumbing to meet certain needs that can’t be done by regular plumbing systems. If you’re planning to start a food business, here are the following plumbing projects that you might need to get started.

Gas Plumbing

One of the important plumbing projects a restaurant need is gas plumbing. The good installation of supporting gas lines is essential to maximize the performance of your kitchen. Many restaurants often add a new kitchen to accommodate the growing demand in their store that’s why you’ll need to have new gas line connections to the next kitchen. Hire a good plumber to do this job to be assured of safety and proper installation. If you’re looking for a good commercial gas plumber in Brisbane, you have many options.

New Equipment Installation

When starting up a new restaurant, there is plenty of new equipment that needs to be installed and connected to the building plumbing system. Aside from the stove and other cooking equipment, you also need to install faucets, drains, heater, and all other plumbing elements needed in your store. It is important that you are following the rules and guidelines in installing these facilities. You should hire an expert in this field since you could lose your business license when it is not installed properly.

Sewers and Drains

Proper waste management should be included on top of your maintenance list to keep your store clean and hygienic. Your business needs to use a lot of water – from preparing food, cooking, washing used utensils, cleaning the store, and many more. 

All of this wastewater should go smoothly to the drain into the municipal sewage system for proper treatment. It is best if an expert does the installation of drainpipes to avoid problems later on such as clogging and backflow. You should also schedule cleaning for the pipes from time to time to prevent build-ups and clogs from forming. 

Installing Grease Traps

Installing grease traps is another important plumbing project you should have for your food business. Since restaurants handle and produce food products, you can expect its waste to have more oil and grease content than regular waste. Wastewater treatment facilities usually can’t process this huge amount of greasy waste that’s why it is important to separate these solids from wastewater. 

That’s what grease traps do. They separate greasy solid waste from regular wastewater and dispose of it in a more compliant way. Aside from keeping your business compliant with the state regulations, you are also saving your drains from clogging and damage due to build-up of oil and grease. 

Before starting your business operations, be sure to have these essential plumbing facilities settled first. 

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