How To Maintain Your Commercial Property

Perhaps the most hassling thing about owning and renting out commercial property is its maintenance. But unfortunately, if you don’t take the time to see to it and make sure it’s up to standard, then you risk spending thousands of dollars on accumulated damage that could have been avoided. So it’s best that you take the time off now rather than dish out your money later. Here are some steps you can take to make sure your property is well-maintained.

The Roof

After heavy winds or a day of extreme weather conditions, it’s always best to check the state of your roof because these tend to wreak havoc up there. This way you can catch any potential leaks or problem areas before they start damaging the inner part of your house/property. Primarily, inspect the shingles to see if they’re still firmly in place as well as not chipped or in need of replacement.

Then you can move on to the gutters. If they’re clogged up this usually risks the chance of overflows that can damage the roof and paint job. You’ll also have to check if your vents are still in order and that there are no gaps in HVAC hoses and pipes as they enter the building. Internally, you can head up to the attic and check your walls for mold, stains or rot. These are all common signs of a roofing problem.


Mold and rot are not caused by roofing problems alone however. They can also be due to pesky plumbing issues such as faulty pipes. And these can cause a lot of trouble to your foundation so if you let it get this far, it can be quite costly to fix. Ideally, you should have a  Melbourne plumber come and inspect your property at least once a year. He can root out any problem areas and prevent you from spending on hefty repairs later on.  Also make sure not to ignore your exposed pipes as well, make sure they’re properly insulated and show no signs of leaks.


Your HVAC units too need to be inspected annually. Hire a technician to see if the system could be better balanced or is in need of new thermostats or any additional units to help its cooling capacity. Having the filters annually inspected and, if need be, replaced ensures that your HVAC system is operating at optimal performance.


Large trees are a risk factor, especially when close to the property or power lines. All it takes is one windy night and a tree that was in poor condition could fall over and chaos would ensue. Prepare for this and hire an arborist to root out problem trees and identify how you should go about them.


Electrical issues are one of the top reasons for non-residential fires so make sure to hire an electrician to conduct an annual inspection of your wiring, appliances and even fire systems to make sure everything is working in order.

Follow these steps and don’t forget to keep an eye out for your foundation too. Any cracks or if your windows and doors are sticking means you might be looking at some issues. Keep this in mind and have inspections conducted annually to have your property in top shape.

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