How to Maintain Your Motorbike

If you have just bought yourself a brand new motorcycle you would be really excited and motivated to make sure that you take care of the vehicle properly. However, it is important to also understand the dos and the don’ts when it comes to caring for your bike. Here are some points that will help you maintain your scrambler well.

Cleaning Tips

Whatever model or style of bike that you have you need to clean it properly on a regular basis and have motorcycle polishing products that can help you protect the surface finishes. You should always be vigilant and inspect the vehicle for any damage, oil, wear or brake fluid issues. That said, you also need to avoid using any cleaning products that are not specifically designed for use on the vehicle. They may have detergents that are harsh along with other chemical solvents that can damage your bike’s metal, paint and even the plastic. Never ever wash the bike while the engine is still warm from use, wait for it to cool off first. High pressure water spray techniques like the ones that you see at some car washes are not meant for your bike. It will damage certain delicate parts of the bike.

Washing Tips

You need to first rinse your bike thoroughly with cool water so that any dirt gets removed. Using a soft sponge or a cloth gently clean it while using the water and make sure that you do not squirt water onto any electrical parts or the muffler outlets. In order to clean the plastic bits you should use a soft cloth that has been soaked in a mild solution of detergent and water. Once you rub the area that has been soiled use cool water to rinse it. Make sure to also keep any brake fluid and chemical solvents away from the surface as they might damage it. If the headlight has condensation once you finish the cleaning, switch the headlight on to high beam and leave it on until you see that the condensation has completely disappeared. Run the engine while you keep the headlight turned on. Strong detergent residue can sometimes be there and cause corrosion in any alloy parts, therefore, after you finish cleaning be thorough in your rinsing. Once you finish this, dry your bike and run the engine for several minutes. Before you ride again test the brakes and remember that you will need to pump them several times before you can get them in the normal performance range. As soon as you have finished washing you can lubricate the drive chain. Because you may see that the brakes take longer to respond after you wash the bike, you should always give yourself a longer distance to stop in.

The Final Touches

Once you are done with cleaning use a commercial spray or quality liquid or wax to buff up your ride. Be sure that the polish and the wax that you use are non-abrasive and made specifically for the bikes. You should also make sure that you read the instructions before you use the product.

Image Credit: Motorcycle Engine

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