How to Keep Your Workplace Safe from a Fire

Safety in the workplace is really important. If you are the owner of your business, you are automatically held responsible for the health and safety of your employees especially during working hours and while they are inside your premises. Therefore, it is wise for you to take all the steps that are required to ensure that they get the best possible safety and working conditions that are possible.

“Ensuring the health and safety of your employees is always your first priority will help steer your business in the right direction.” – HWB Accountants


You should provide your employees with complete accessibility to electrical control panels. If you do not already have one buy fire pump systems Sydney and teach your employees how to use them in case of fire. Do not block the panels that will be used to shut off the power during an emergency with any kind of lock, materials or other machinery. Do not ever block the sprinklers, firefighting gadgets or the emergency fire exits as well.

Maintain Good Housekeeping

If your workplace is always cluttered, the risk of fire increases considerably. It can actually become a fuel to the fires that may break out and it could also limit the exits that people could use to leave the building in case of fire. Maintaining the housekeeping on a good level is really mandatory to maintaining fire safety in the workplace. Even when it comes to smoking, keep an area separately for employees who smoke and ensure that they put out their cigarettes before they leave the area. Housekeeping should regularly check to make sure that nothing is still lit. Cigarettes are one of the leading causes of accidental fires.

“Ensuring that your workplace environment is maintained can support both employee productivity and safety.” – Overbury

Keep Up With Your Waste Disposal

Don’t leave anything that can catch fire easily like oily rags and the likes exposed. If there are any such rags or even cans of fuel keep them locked up in a metal container or cupboard where the fire cannot get to them. If there are any high pressurized cans and the likes, keep them away from direct heat and flames.

Machines and Maintenance

The machines in your office should all be maintained well so that they will not overheat and act as the starting point for a fire through friction sparks. Carry out maintenance regularly on them and try to keep them in great condition. Teach your employees how to use them as well.

Take Note of Electrical Hazards

You should never try to repair any electrical equipment unless you are qualified to do so. Faulty machinery and electrical issues are one of the main reasons for fire hazards in the workplace. Keep an eye out and report immediately if you see anything amiss.

“It is critical that during the fit out phase any possible electrical hazards are immediately addressed.” – Morgan Lovell

Store and Use Chemicals Safely

You should always read the label and the leaflet that gives you instructions on how you should handle chemicals. This will let you know if a substance is flammable or not. When you use and store chemicals always keep in mind to do so in an area with enough ventilation. Always make sure that your employees have the right protective equipment to handle these materials.

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