Making the Shift: Home Office to Metro Suite

Many Entrepreneurs work out of their home until their business is slightly more established. However, once you need to hire a few people and your business has grown, it might be time to look at moving into a designated office.

However, the office hunt can be a minefield. There are more options than ever before and it can be very easy to make the wrong decision, ending up frustrated in a place that doesn’t suit your needs. Here are six mistakes to avoid when making the transition from the comfort of home to a first office.

Moving too soon

Why are you moving? If you do not know or are attempting to fit in with bigger companies than maybe you do not even need a new physical location. Really investigate other options to moving, as a physical premises can be a significant drain on a young business.

Being unclear of your needs

There are so many different features on every property that it is easy to be distracted and confused. Before setting out on your search, it is important to have a very clear idea of what your needs are. Picture your dream office, but also have a practical list to bring out at every inspection.

Making rash decisions

It will be incredibly tempting to simply jump on the first office that looks suitable, but it is important to approach something as important as property with a careful attitude. Never sign the first contract you are presented with and view at least three offices before making a decision.

Thinking cheap is best

Sometimes businesses get a barging, but often if it is ‘too good to be true’, it often is not worth it. It is important to recognise the difference between an office at a good value, and one that is initially cheap but will end up costing you more than later. Offices without air-conditioning or heating can harm your productivity which ultimately does not offer you the best value for money.

Ignoring legal information

It is always recommended you have legal representation look through your contract before signing. With something that will impact your business in almost every aspect, it is important that your contract has certain conditions in place to protect your interests. While there is such a thing as property dispute lawyers, having someone look through the contract before minimises your risk.

Thinking short-term

It is easy to plan for a short-term future and move into an office that meets your immediate needs, but this can limit your future business growth. It is important to think about how flexible your office will be with new employees, changes to the area and even rising parking costs.

Give your growing business the best chance of success and consider these aspects long before they become a problem. Not only does this increase the success of your next move, it will also help your business grow carefully and at a steady rate without significant legal or property issues hampering your next step.


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