Practical Tips For Social Media Marketing in 2018

In the past few years, social media have become ubiquitous in modern lives. Consumers are increasingly engaging with brands on social networks, and brands are pushing hard to market to target audiences. Along the way, certain challenges have presented themselves. Because of the popularity of social networks, this particular technology has not remained static throughout the years. Social platforms routinely update algorithms to better serve the customer base. So how can marketers keep up with the changes? Here are some of the new trends on social media marketing to watch out and plan for:

Make Your Brand’s Social Media Strategy Mobile-First

Last year alone, over 90 percent of content shared on social networks consisted of videos. Video consumption is rising across the internet, largely driven by the rise of mobile use. It’s becoming quite obvious that video is a thing now, not just a trend. Therefore, brands must invest in creating and promoting videos, according to the experts. One of the key factors of creating videos is grabbing the audience attention in 3 seconds or less. It’s quite a challenge, which most professionals say can be met with short videos. Social media users don’t mind clicking on short videos that last 5 minutes or less because, first, these videos load fast, and secondly, they are not spending a long time watching it. A brand without a solid video strategy will not be very effective at social media marketing in 2018 and beyond. It’s highly recommended to partner with a well-known local digital marketing agency if video marketing on social media is a new strategy.

Look Beyond Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

When it comes to social media marketing, most brands are focusing on the Big 3 of social networking: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. But this type of focus can often go wrong. Before choosing which social media channels to focus on, find out which networks the target audience is most likely to use. Nearly all B2C companies can generally benefit from Facebook marketing. On the other hand, B2B companies often find more success marketing on a professional social network like LinkedIn. The younger generations are more likely to use channels like SnapChat. The point is, do calculate the ROI for social media channels and make sure your brand is on the right social networks.

Nathan Murphy, the founder of JustMelbourne says: “The business owners who push themselves to be early adopters on new social media platforms benefit from a higher ROI before the rest of the marketing community joins and starts to drive up advertising rates. For this reason, I always make sure to quickly get on top of any new social network I hear about through the grapevine.”

Incorporate Chatbot Support

Customers don’t solely engage with brands on social media channels, customers also use these networks to find out more information about a brand, a product, or a company. Therefore, businesses can obtain better customer satisfaction and loyalty results by offering chatbot customer service on social networks. This is already a huge possibility on Facebook. While chatbots are not available on all channels (Instagram comes to mind), if the facility is available, do make use of it.

Learn the Art of Augmented Reality

Social networks are increasingly using augmented reality, or AR, to maximise customer engagement on the platforms. AR tech is fun, innovative, and is on the rise. Consider SnapChat for example. The popular filters on this social network uses AR tech. Several major brands have already run highly successful Snapchat ad campaigns using AR tools. AR is idea to use where traditional advertising methods don’t work, like among the iGen.

Social media marketing is currently in a flux, where the traditional behemoths like Facebook face off against newcomers like Snapchat. It’s up to marketers to keep up with these changes to get the best out of these platforms.


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