How to Prevent Workplace Injuries?

Workplace accidents and mishaps can really make a dent in your business. From medical bills to lack of productivity and increased absenteeism, the repercussions are bit much. The best way to avoid these unnecessary costs is to make sure you have strict precautions in place to prevent workplace injuries in the first place. Here are some of our best tips:

Prevention Program

Every company should have a sound prevention program in place that outlines the foundation for an effective work environment and every aspect of employee safety. It’s also worth considering that there are some employees under you that might hesitate at the thought of submitting complaints for fear of any drama it might cause so it’s best to have a subtle method of reporting any dangerous behaviours.


You can’t just stop at an initial safety program, however. You need to reinforce every safety measure each chance you get. Conduct staff meetings and have small reminders. Don’t forget regular supervision and rewarding any employees who set excellent standards.


This definitely applies to more physically demanding jobs. Some employees may lack the relevant experience needed to physically perform certain manoeuvres and the best way to identify if an employee has the kind of experience you need is to have a screening process during recruitment. This will make sure that applicants are only given positions that match their capabilities and you don’t have unpleasant surprises later!


You need to have a sound understanding of office ergonomics. Certain conditions would stimulate productivity whereas some others would just hinder it by making the employee rather uncomfortable with his working environment. Make sure to have professionals conduct a workplace ergonomic assessment so you can identify precisely where to make changes in your space and maximize employee productivity. Do not underestimate the necessity of a comfortable space on physical wellbeing.

Staffing Levels

Employees who suffer from burn out tend to be rather overworked. One main reason for this could be due to employees having to make up for low staffing levels and work overtime to be able to deliver on their work. Consider hiring part timers if you feel like your staff is overburdened due to inadequate staffing levels. If your employees are unsatisfied and overworked you risk poor work or them handing in their resignation eventually.

Company Vehicle Maintenance

Workplace driving accidents are all too common and are far too costly. Reduce these occurrences by conducting monthly inspections. Don’t let issues build up with your vehicles, repair them as soon as possible. Set up strict regulations about driving when overly fatigued as well.


Debris, spills and general clutter can also give way too many safety hazards. You’ll want to hire housekeeping staff who’ll be able to come in on a regular basis and take care of the workspace. You’ll also have to encourage employees to support minimal clutter. Not only is it a hazard, but having your space overcrowded severely detracts from your productivity.

There you have it- these are the best ways you can go about preventing workplace injuries!

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