Success Doesn’t Happen by Accident

Throughout his many successes and prestigious achievements, Mick Fabar has maintained that “Success Doesn’t Happen by Accident.” In all his activities, Mick had a plan and didn’t rely on luck or chance alone.

When he built his construction company from the ground, not once by twice, he did so following a key plan which was structured to reach his goal. The subsequent rise to an industry leader by his current company Green Homes Australia is down to his clear vision, planning and a healthy dose of passion.

Nowhere is this so aptly demonstrated than the process behind building the world’s first sustainable hot rod. Always passionate about sustainable and green practices, Mick Fabar had initially built his company into Australia’s first and leading construction business, creating affordable, sustainable homes. Once fully established, he turned his attention to other industries, directing his passion for carbon-neutral footprints to auto manufacturing.

In 2011, he began the process of planning the process of transforming an eBay wreck into a sustainable, zero-emission hot rod. Using the same passion and process that he had used to build his company into Australia’s leading construction company for sustainable homes, he set about following what would later be called his Five Essential Steps. By first visualising the goal and collecting an experienced team, the hot rod – later called the ZERO’D – would become the world’s first zero carbon emission hot rod. After 11 months of planning and 7 of construction, the ZERO’D fulfilled it’s ultimate goal, winning Street Machine of the Year and SummerNats Grand Champion.

By presenting the five essential Steps as a formula to a public speaker, Mick Fabar has created a five-step strategy to motivate his audience towards their goals. Whether presenting at schools, conferences or to young entrepreneurs and business clubs, these steps deliver inspiration and motivation.

A dynamic and professional speaker, Mick is sincere in his desire to contribute to the development of new ideas and personal momentum towards goals. He developed his mission and five-step strategy through his experience, discovering the key elements to pushing through the limits of one’s own circumstances to generate success.

Using these steps Mick has also achieved personal success, becoming a World Record holder. Not just the once but twice! Training to create a record in speed boxing, he created the first entry in 2005 at 436 punches and raised over a hundred thousand for charity. Following the same pattern for success, he then bested his entry with 548 a little over a year later.

Committed to his mission to provide a solid framework for success, Mick believes that his audience should walk away fully equipped to tackle the biggest challenges of their lives. Whether it is a personal dream or a company goal, Mick Fabar’s steps provide support when facing the hurdles that arise through the process.

Using his own life as a proven example, Mick’s strategy steps demonstrate repeated success across different industries. As a public speaker, he is committed to making a difference in the lives of each person in his audience.


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