The Role of Google in Modern Hiring Practices

Today it is easier than ever to conduct a basic background check on a potential employee. If you are applying for a role and the hiring manager has access to your name, they will turn to the internet to discover more about you. Google has revolutionised the employment industry by creating a profile of someone, which could include results that are potentially harmful to the applicant.

Aside from ethical and moral issues surrounding a hiring manager ‘Facebook stalking’ a candidate, a simple google search is a useful tool to expand the information on a future employee. For job seekers, however, this creates several important questions. The most important questions will be ‘What will the manager find?”

Google Yourself

The first step is to google yourself. Type in your specific name and if this does not return results specific to you, include other keywords like profession title. Take note of the results that arise and if there any which would be inappropriate if a future boss discovered you.

Build your professional profile

Regardless of your industry or field of specialty, it is highly recommended that you invest in creating an online professional profile before applying to jobs. Not only will websites like LinkedIn rank highly for your specific name and job title, but they will also provide reputable results a hiring manager is more likely to believe. Another way to build evidence of expertise is through a blog or website.  A website is a good method of creating another profile, outside of professional social medias. A blog, however, is also good for providing a snapshot of your personality and opinions on a current industry event, a list of related journal articles published and evidence of experience.

Minimise the bad or personal information

It is so important that everyone know how to create the right levels of security on private information, news or profiles. Not only does it create a higher level or privacy for individuals, but it also ensures they have stronger control over their professional online presence. That album of party photos from last Friday night might be fun for friends and family, but it can detract from a hiring manager’s impression of you. A negative impression takes only a moment to create, but time and effort to undo.

Keep it current

You might have done this process before, but have you looked at it since? An internet presence, unless your entire industry operates heavily online, is an excellent backup to your physical resume. Think of LinkedIn, your website and blog as your digital resume. Just as your physical resume is updated when something significant happens, so too should your digital resume. An online profile should match the resume you hand interviewers, and even provide more specific details about key elements.

Regardless of your industry, job search stage or even career level, managing your online profile is an important aspect of maintaining a professional image. If you are setting out on the job searching process, as an experienced labour hire agency in Melbourne, First Personnel recommends considering the previous aspects to improve your chances of receiving your dream employment position.


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