Tips for Planning the Perfect Office

How do you plan your corporate office to have the perfect interior design? What do you need to include and what do you need to get rid of? Your office is where you and your employees spend a majority of their day. This means the office has to be perfectly organised in a way that increases productivity and employee wellbeing. Take a look at the following to see some of the best tips you can follow for office space planning. 

Make a Plan

Before you run out to buy new furniture or accessories, first make a plan for the interior layout of your office. Think of a way to get the maximum use of the interior space. For better results, you can consult interior designers or architects too. Here are some of the things you need to consider: utilising the best of the available space, ensuring both aesthetic and functionality, creating a pleasant space that has a positive effect on the employee mindset, using your brand colours in interior decoration. 

Clean and Organise

 Clean and organise your office. This is not your everyday vacuuming or clearing out the desktops. Instead, do a proper declutter of the space and get rid of anything that is unnecessary; from uncomfortable furniture to office files that are not needed anymore. 

Get professional cleaning services such as builders cleaning to help you do a thorough cleaning. If you can store files digitally and have backups, then there is no need to keep the same in a paper copy as well.  Introduce storage units to store the necessary paperwork. Have trashcans placed so that employees practice proper waste disposal.

Build a Space that Improves Productivity

The interior design of any office affects the mindset of the employees. This means when planning the interior, it has to be done in a way that can affect the employees positively, making them work better rather than stressing them out. 

Adding ergonomic furniture, disability access, facilities such as clean washrooms and break rooms, good lighting, natural lights, proper air and ventilation system, decorative accessories etc. can be added to make a working space appear more pleasant instead of too formal.

Use Your Brand Colours

As a corporate office, you are at a slight advantage when it comes to choosing colours for your interior. The easiest way to incorporate your brand into the interior design is using your brand colours. This does not have to be everywhere around the office. 

But a wall in the customer waiting area or the receptionist desk where visitors can easily see, are ideal places to incorporate brand colours. You can even display your logo as a decorative element. Displaying your colours and logo at publicly accessible places in the office is a good way to advertise your brand as well.

Make sure to hire experts when necessary instead of trying to DIY your office space. Even your interior plan and decoration can create an impression about your company for your clients. So remember to keep it between a mix of appeal and professionalism.

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