Tips for Redecorating an Office on a Budget

If your office is turning away customers and potential business partners, then it’s probably due a good makeover. You don’t have to upgrade to a bigger space to have a great office for your business. Even a small business with a limited budget can afford to do an office makeover with the right tips. Keep reading for more of those:

Re-Paint for a New Look

Does your office look dirty or worn out in any way? One of the best ways to improve upon old walls or lacklustre décor in any room is to just repaint it. It’s actually affordable and the effects can be quite amazing. The trick here is to choose the right colour.

Pick an elegant shade for the office that is not the usual boring white or cream. A light colour is best because it would also make your office look well-lit. Some paints are inarguably expensive, but there’s a great range of affordable colours to choose from.

Scour the Internet for Items on Sale

Office items can be inordinately expensive as most sellers know businesses are willing to pay for quality and good looks. If you are running a small business, you might not have bottomless buckets of money. But if you are willing to do some research, there are plenty of ways to find cheap office furniture online.

Visit as many shopping sites as possible to get the stuff you need on the cheap, especially typically pricey items like curtains, carpeting, or desks and chairs. You might want to wait for sales months. But you can get better deals with mid-annual sales and clearance sales than during the holiday season.

Forgo the Flooring and Buy Rugs

Installing new flooring inside an office is expensive and also labour-intensive. There’s a better alternative: rugs. Instead of spending a lot of time and money overturning the office floor, spend money on a sensible set of rugs.

Rugs can imitate carpeting really well without requiring being fitted to the floor. Rugs are easier to clean as a result. You can also buy rugs for important areas, like meeting rooms, without having to spend a small fortune on redoing flooring of the entire office.

Buy Art from Actually Struggling Artists

Art is the go-to decorative choice for many offices. Artworks introduce colour and sophistication. Some businesses believe buying art has to be an expensive venture. It could be if you want to don Rembrandt on the walls of your customer service centre. But there are so many other options to consider.

Instead of going to fancy art galleries to buy paintings, consider street side art sales. The paintings won’t have famous names, but it’s the art that matters. Art students often sell their works on the cheap. You might even be able to commission one for custom paintings just for your business without spending a lot of money.

Pick Blinds over Curtains

Want to make your office look truly elegant with English-style curtains. It’s more cost effective and practical to go with blinds instead. Blinds are easier to clean and allows you to control light entering the room quite well. While some blinds may cost because of brand names, it’s generally the cheaper alternative to curtains.

Giving your office a new look don’t have to cost a good chunk of your budget. Sticking to the above suggestions would help keep costs down without ruining the décor.


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